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Thursday, April 3, 2014

(Lack of) follow up

A communications professor once told me I had a book inside of me. I asked, "What does it take to let it out?"

"Help it," she corrected.

"You have to help it out."

Wise woman, that one. With that in mind, I realize I need to write more. I have lots of stories, thoughts, and the like stuck inside my brain but without a lot of time to write them down. I thought after I earned my Master's degree I would have so much free time to do other things. Then all those other things turned out to be centered around Shehan and Essie and our new house.

Speaking of the house, we have been working hard on it. Lots of updates in the works and I even have before/after photos trapped inside cameras and computers, waiting to be posted. Shoot. Better get on that. Also, look at this adorable and gorgeous apricot tree in my yard:

(Back to the original post) I'm not in any way complaining about Shehan, Es, and House taking up all my time. On the contrary, it's a really wonderful way to live! But it leaves me without following up. :)

So here's a quick follow-up.

Remember back in November I wrote a post on my idea to test out a gluten free lifestyle to get rid of the inflammation in my body? Well, it worked. Big time. What I didn't mention was that I had nearly become completely incapacitated by the pain caused by eating gluten. I was unable to walk normally, carry things, and even stand straight. My doctor could find nothing wrong in blood tests. Turns out, I just can't eat gluten. It hates me.

I thought I would really suffer with this diet change. I love bread. No, I really, really, really love bread. And tortillas. I really, really, really love flour tortillas. Oh, and soy sauce, oh, and barbecue potato chips, and....the list goes on. BUT, thanks to some really awesome companies such as Udi's, I feel like I can eat nearly like a person without gluten sensitivity. Nearly. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I miss cookies but I still manage to find my way around baking in the gluten free world.

Case in point, these beautiful sugar cookies:

So there. You have a follow-up.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

15 Months

Essie's 15-month doctor appointment is tomorrow so we'll find out her stats then. One thing's for sure: she's still tiny!

Weight: 16 lb. 14 oz. (1%)
Height: 27.5 in. (1%)
Head Circum: 43.5 cm. (3%)

And still a nut.
I can't believe this is happening. Esmeline is 15 months old today and growing fasterall the time. I see her growing and developing, learning new things every day. She learns so quickly!

Daddy loves: "What's there not to love!?" Shehan is the first person Essie goes to when she wants someone to read her a book. Also, the many animal sounds she makes and the way she raises her elbows like little wings when she makes the sound of a frog (no idea where this came from).

Mommy loves: Sniffies (If you ask Essie if you can sniffie her, she scrunches up her face while you sniff her face and hair. Adorable.), her long hair - I tried out french braids a few days ago and it worked!, her inquisitive personality.

Doggies love: Hanging out around the high chair.

Esme loves: Spitting out water, trying new foods, learning new words, her alone time with books in her room, her ladybug tent, snuggling with blankies, yelling, and finding everyone's nose.

Milestones: Essie wears shoes now. While I think baby shoes are adorable, I don't like them on babies until they're functional. Now that Es is running around outside, shoes are awesome!

Unless we're on the deck. The deck is great for no shoes.
Es can now distinguish when a book is upside down. She can mimic any sound and even repeats phrases. "I don't know" is one that comes out quite well. She is using the "k" sound now, a huge milestone to me! Es finally moved into size 3 diapers this week, though we still use cloth part time. She has also learned how to climb on the couch downstairs and jump off. Yikes. She is able to learn new words on a daily basis and particularly enjoys learning body parts. She can put all her toys away, including her books. She loves to spend time playing in her room and I'm happy to say I'm nearly done decorating. Haha.

Es loves her elephants - directly from Sri Lanka!
Es is such a darling girl and though we're entering into the tantrum phase, she's still a delight to be around and makes every moment a fun one!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter blues

I didn't think it would catch up to me but it did: the Winter blues.

Last year I was so busy writing my comps, earning my Master's, and learning about motherhood that I suppose I didn't really feel the effects of the Winter. This year seems to be a bit different.

I can't put it into clear words just yet; hopefully sometime I will.

Until then, I'm so glad I have my little family to bring me daily joy! Sweet Esmeline is just the funniest little thing and makes me happy like none other. Today she was patting my hair (we're working on body parts) and then she grabbed my head and planted a long kiss on my forehead. I about died with love!

Then today Shehan knew I was very stressed out and so he took the initiative and made a large sacrifice to make my life a little bit easier. I'm not sure he understands fully how grateful I am but here I say again: Thank You Honey!!!

We have such a happy home and I am grateful for the loud, silly, messy, and lively people that fill it up. They are what will get me through the Winter blues.

...and the Olympics. :) 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


(I will post Esmeline updates to correspond with her WellBaby appointments. Watch for the next one in March!)

I'm feeling pensive tonight.

My angel baby is snuggled up with two blankies in her crib, as usual, and I am here, in the basement, feeling tremendously thoughtful.

Esmeline ceased breastfeeding about three weeks ago. Part of me is sad. Part of me is relieved. I miss those cuddly, snuggly warm moments of just the two of us. She and I got very very ill a few weeks ago and Es didn't want to do anything, even nurse. It broke my heart. After three days, she patted me and said, "Mama." So I fed her some milk and that was about the end of it. Sigh. There are many things only motherhood will teach you. The feeling of raw absence is one of those lessons. Thank heaven I only felt it for a couple of days.

Since her self-weaning we have had to develop a different bedtime routine. I enjoy the one we have created.

We head to mama and dada's bed to put her jams on and change her diaper. There is much squirming, giggling, tickling (she says, "tickle tickle tickle" like a pro), and kissies involved.

We brush her teeth. She has a little pink toothbrush and loves to hear me chant "brush, brush, brush!" as the water-soaked bristles brush over her five teeth. Cute.

Kiss for Dada.

For my birthday, my mother found the most beautiful rocking chair to give me. It had been brought to the U.S. from Germany where a young military mom purchased it from a former German daycare center that was closing. Bless her heart for bringing it here because I love it. My parents sanded it down and refinished it to polish it up and presented it to me with a brand new cushion. It's beautiful.
Es cozies up in my lap while I rock in the chair and I sing her a few songs. She whispers for the first couple of songs and then quiets down as she grows more sleepy. Sometimes she looks up and me and I kiss her forehead. Satisfied, she goes back to whispering.

These moments are liquid. I recreate them in my mind when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Then I tell her I love her, give her some kissies, and put her in her bed. She reaches for a second blankie and...

...that's it.

Angel baby, right? I hope all my children are like this. She has thoroughly spoiled me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! (2013 in reflection)

I've enjoyed every single year of my life. I can't pinpoint one I liked less than any other but I can say so far 2013 has been the most fun, the most exciting, and I won't forget it.

This photo pretty much sums up my January.
I graduated with my Master's degree (a lifelong goal).
I worked through a lot of challenges to earn my degree and I even went through a high risk pregnancy, which required me to miss class a lot (and work) to undergo extra screenings to make sure Essie was healthy. After she was born I did my homework with her in my arms. On my graduation day, instead of walking with my classmates and fellow graduates with our caps and gowns, I worked and went home to my sweet baby. I remember taking her in my arms and shedding a few tears as I told her I hoped to see her accomplish the same, or similar goals, in her life.


Shehan and I bought our first home.
After a failed purchase on a different late last year, Shehan and I successfully purchased a home in our beloved Bountiful. This experience taught us who is really in charge and to trust in His plan. We were meant to be in this home and we just love it!

We watched our sweetheart grow.
As I have chronicled, Esme has tripled in size. :) She's so smart and so lovely and just a darling little girl. We adore her and are so excited to see what she learns in 2014. 


This year I learned more about myself through my new role as mother. I discovered a new dimension of friendship with my three besties (you know who you are) and a new way of appreciating Shehan for who he is.

What a wonderful way to go about life. 2014 should be great.