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Sunday, November 17, 2013

11 Months

I'm late posting her 11 month update because last week we took a trip to the cabin (Essie's first time!).

Daddy loves: Everything. What's not to love? He loves that she laughs when he makes funny faces. She sounds so much like a little girl and less like a baby.

Mommy loves:  I can braid her hair now!!! I love that she eats so many different things. It's good fun when she tastes something sour and pulls an unforgettable face. I love her fascination with little things. The woman who watches her for part of the week took her to the park recently and she had lots of fun peeling apart pine needles. It's adorable.

Doggies love: Essie feeds them treats. They try to be very gently in taking them from her.

Esme loves: Naptime, her blankies, crackers, raspberries, jumping on her bed, and dancing. We bought a record player to go with all the records that were left in our house by the previous owner and she rocks out to Billy Joel, CCR, and ZZ Top. It's hilarious.

Milestones: Her two bottom teeth finally popped through! She likes them for biting bananas and crackers and for saying "sssssss!" She took 5 consecutive steps on her 11 month birthday - the most yet. She's still testing out the walking thing and frequently stands just for the sake of standing without support.

Love you Essie-B!

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Steph said...

Growing too fast. I want to meet her so badly! Love her to pieces though. She's beautiful! Cant't believe she'll be one soon!!