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Monday, November 25, 2013

Preparing for a (nearly) gluten-free Thanksgiving

Remember a few years ago I was having some pretty serious digestive trouble? Well it cleared up when I quit a stressful job. Go figure.

Now I'm having some serious inflammation trouble. As suddenly as within two months ago I have experienced some pretty severe joint pain and inflammation. So much so that on occasion I've been unable to climb stairs or walk at a natural pace. In my quest to figure out what is causing this (recent blood work cleared most of the scary stuff) I have decided to try cutting out gluten for a couple of weeks. My mom swears it has made all the difference in her life and her mobility so I am trying to do the same. I obviously don't have a full-blown allergy because my blood has been tested for Celiac disease and that's not the problem, but I may have a sensitivity that won't reveal itself in blood tests.

So. Bring on Thanksgiving.

I'm responsible for Chex mix, pie, and the cranberry sauce. Each dish will be home made and I've decided to mostly make them gluten free.

The Chex mix will be easy, as I made it gluten free last year and all I had to do was exclude the wheat Chex and use gluten free pretzel sticks instead of normal pretzels. It was DELICIOUS last year so I'm really looking forward to it this year!

The pies are a little different.

I found a recipe in Real Simple magazine (my fav) for Cranberry Custard Pie and it looks amazing. With some alterations and a gluten free crust recipe I can make this without gluten and I'm sure it will be delicious.

Of course I'll make pumpkin pie as well - one with a gluten free crust and one without.

Then an apple pie to make my grandpa happy. I love him to pieces. This one won't be gluten free.

Bear in mind that nobody in my family has a proven gluten allergy, just a sensitivity, so I'm not having to do too much extra work to be sensitive to this dietary restriction.

I really hope I can figure out what my body is having trouble with. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. This is Esmeline's first and I'm so excited!

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labrierley said...

Good Luck!! My nephew was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease not quite a year ago, and my hubby and his siblings have always had issues, so he has gone gluten free, and it has made a world of a difference! He hasn't been tested, but we know he has a gluten intolerance of some sort. He just doesn't have it nearly as bad as his nephew. Hopefully it helps you too!